Tea and Celadon Ceramic.
The simple elegance and subdued beauty of celadon tea ware adds quiet peace to a relaxing moment with a cup of your favorite tea.

The delicate and timeless quality of celadon is considered elegant and ethereal. Based on long history of Thailand,

Made in Thailand

a-tea-pot-with-4pcs-green-handmade-a-set-of-thai-porcelain-celadon-glazed-cranes-tea-set-www-marketplace3000-orgCeladon is a ceramic with difference. Celadon ceramics the perfect note between refined and stylish. Their cool, pellucid hues sing of luxury while their classic forms breathe timelessly chic. This new spectrum of contemporary celadon creations extends from the traditional form to the exceptional variation, from the modest domestic object to the unashamed showpiece.

The celadon (or greenware) ceramics, are regarded as some of the finest and most elegant pottery pieces produced anywhere. With a pale green lustre reminiscent of jade and a super smooth glaze celadons remain some of the most prized collector’s items in the world of ceramics. Should you want to buy a gift for someone who is both stylish and fiercely on trend, look no further than this ultra-serene green porcelain.


celadon-is-one-kind-of-three-main-types-of-ceramics-in-thailand-www-marketplace3000-orgThai Celadon is a beautiful stoneware using an ancient technique where wood ash glaze is applied to the pottery…

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